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"I've known Katy for over 5 years and as a recording studio owner, she is my go-to female vocalist for my clients who are looking for a female singer. Katy is extremely professional and has nailed every recording session she's had with us. I am also a talent buyer for a street festival in CT and have booked Katy on several occasions. Katy's live performance is a sight to see as she mesmerizes audiences with her stage presence and stunning vocals!!" ~ Elisa Giannelli, Music Studio 307
"As a sound engineer who has attended 437 concerts, worked with musicians, and also been a professional DJ for 37 years, I can tell you that from a personal standpoint that Katy Reign has got what it takes. Stage presence, a voice with range as well as depth. Katy is not your ordinary type of singer that would fit in just one genre of music. She is versatile, comfortable with her vocals, and importantly, unafraid to try new things outside her normal scope of music. I would highly recommend working or even touring with Katy as she is undoubtedly a friendly, warm & fun woman to know. A consumate professional when it comes to recording tracks with other musicians. If ever given the chance to work with her in either a studio or live setting, I would gladly welcome the chance to do so" -Kevin Smith
"I have worked with Katy in many, many recording and performance settings. She is, without a doubt, an absolute natural. Not only is she a stunningly talented singer, but a songwriter par excellence as well. My clients have consistently requested Katy for session work in the studio and her gifts always take the music to a whole new level. On a personal level, she is one of the most kindhearted individuals I have had the pleasure of working with."  -Blake Scopino