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Need vocals on your tracks? Need to check out an awesome show? Check out my testimonials to see how you can have my vocals on your tracks via email, or feel free to check out my tour dates!
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​My Cover Band Roctavia has a show this Friday, September 16th (Friday) At Old Theatre Diner! More dates soon....
Sky is the limit, from Hard Rock to Metal, Jazz to R & B, Katy Reign is a professional singer with years of recording and performing experience. 
There has never been a time where Katy Reign decided to put her musical abilities in a box. Having played all her life, Katy Reign, also known as Katy Woodbine, performed vocals and Alto Saxaphone in her High School Jazz Band, Sang in Chorus, and performed Lead vocals/Guitar with her Drummer/Singer Amy Woodbine in a local band called Xtacy After Agony. As she got older, she worked with guitar player Gia Federico, following up with Jaded, an all girl band based out of Boston. Katy later played in Hard Rock Band Paryah, with Blake Scopino on guitars, along with Ros Marsden on bass, and her sister Amy on drums. Katy is now focusing primarily on her solo music, which is featured on You Tube under Katy Reign. Katy plans to play out with her solo music while she performes in her Cover Band Roctavia. Stay tuned for further updates!